F then 42 flashes when the heater thermistor is open or shorted. Always measure detergent and follow detergent directions. See Long Drain. Unplug the washer. Cabrio dL Error Door/Lid Cannot Lock (Stored Error Codes F80, F82, F84, F85) Indicates the Cabrio's lid cannot lock. Press PAUSE/CANCEL once to clear the code. Re-distribute the load inside the spin basket. Machine/motor control cannot determine if door lid is in a locked state. User presses START after two consecutive machine cycles without opening lid. If no problems are found, then the main electronic control board (which includes the water level pressure switch) will normally need to be replaced. uL is displayed when the machine/motor control detects an off-balance load and remains on while the washer runs a mini-cycle to rebalance the load. If the clean out cycle is unable to correct the excess suds problem, the cycle ends and Sd flashes in the display. Unplug the washer and check the wiring harness connections on the main electronic control board and the shifter assembly. Is water entering the tub? Then press PAUSE/CANCEL once to clear the error code and try to start a new cycle. If not, determine the cause of friction. Does the basket turn freely? Is the Cabrio's drain hose or pump clogged? The control detects an open lid switch, or cannot determine if the lid is locked. Water isn't being detected as entering the washer. F then 41 flashes when the motor rotor position sensor (RPS) thermistor is detected to be open or shorted out. Drive motor, Main electronic control board, Main electronic control board, User interface control, Inlet water valve wiring harness (this harness includes the thermistor), Drive system components, shifter assembly, Inlet water valve assembly, main electronic control board. Now put the tea down and get to work! Reduce the quantity of detergent to prevent excessive suds. Is the pressure transducer hose kinked, disconnected, or punctured? Write Down The Error Code! Do not add detergent. This code is displayed if Start is pressed with the lid open. Test the lid lock connection to the washer's control board and lid lock resistance levels. If the thermistor is defective, replace it (the thermistor is a component in the inlet valve assembly wiring harness). If the drive motor is sound, replace the main electronic control board. Whirlpool WTW8200YW, W10405142B, WTW8240YW, WTW8600YW, WTW8800YW, WTW8800YC washer error codes. Or there may be a problem with the Cabrio's main control board. If not, then a garment could be stuck between the outer tub and the spin basket. Lift the top panel of the washer to access the lid lock/switch assembly. If the valves are not shutting off water flow, then replace the inlet water valve assembly. If water is entering the machine but not being detected, then the main electronic control board (which includes the water level pressure switch) will usually need to be replaced. If the washer is overloaded, it will drain any water and detergent that was added during the fill. Is the basket floating? Is the Cabrio's lid open? Diagnostics Test mode if a stuck key is detected. Whirlpool CABRIO W10373816B error codes Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum washing machines with a vertical loading have proved itself as the high -quality technique. The new Cabrio washer suspension repair kits seem to work better and last longer than earlier versions. Close the lid to clear the display. If not, then examine and replace any defective drive components. Close lid and press START. Sometimes it is a series of letters and numbers; sometimes there are flashing lights accompanied by cryptic beeping sounds. Check the air hose connection between the bottom of the tub and the water level pressure switch in the console. Unplug the washer. The LCD panel on Whirlpool Cabrio washers displays the stages of a cleaning cycle. The machine/motor control cannot detect the lid switch opening and closing properly. However, in this wasteful world of poor quality the inner tub may be jammed in the down position, unable to float off the drive hub because of a rusted drive shaft! Indicates the control recorded one of the error codes shown below. This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Unplug the washer. Machine/motor control detects an open door lid switch when attempting to lock. Probably not. For repair how-to help, visit the PartsDirect repair help section, which includes repair help for washing machines, other major appliances, lawn and garden equipment, garage door openers, vacuum cleaners and more. Check the resistance of the thermistor (temperature sensor). Indicates the Cabrio's lid cannot lock. Check the wiring connections on the main electronic control board in the console. Use only HE (High Efficiency) detergent. Lid flashes when the following conditions occur: dU flashes if the following conditions occur: F then 40 flashes when the ATC Thermistor is detected to be open or shorted. Then you will be able to better use this repair guide to fix your Cabrio washer's major malfunction. F then 51 flashes when there is a motor rotor position sensor (RPS) failure. All Rights Reserved, How to troubleshoot flashing lid lock errors on a vertical modular washer video, How to calibrate a washer after a repair video, How to replace the electronic control board on a top-load washer, How to replace the drive motor in a top-load washer, How to replace the lid switch/lock assembly on a top-load washer, How to replace the shifter assembly in a top-load washer, How to replace a water inlet valve on a vertical modular top-load washer, How to replace the drain pump in a top-load washer, Won't advance to next cycle or stops in mid-cycle, Troubleshooting excessive vibration during spin cycle on a washer, How to repair broken or damaged wires video, How to use a multimeter to test electrical parts video, Tuff torq Riding mower tractor Parts List, Troybilt Walk behind lawn mower Parts List. This code is for models with a digital display. If the lid lock/switch assembly won't lock and unlock properly, replace it. Sd is displayed when the machine/motor control analyzes drag on the basket and detects a suds-lock condition. The washer did not drain after the drain pump has been running for 10 minutes. Make sure that fill hoses are properly connected. F2E3 UI/ACU mismatch Or hopefully there is just a sock or something lodged in between the inner and outer baskets causing the same result. Use only High Efficiency ("HE") detergent. If the drive motor is bad, replace it. If a key is stuck and cannot be freed up then the user interface control will need to be replaced.

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