The next day, Glauber enrolled in college to become a psychologist, despite dyslexia and being unable to write in English. I think she feels something for Akiva that is strong and deep but it just scares them. It was so big to her. Akiva is routinely set up with proper young women, but he is a dreamer and an artist and he follows his heart. “It kind of felt like it was truly happening,” Yaron said of the wedding scenes. I’m delighted to be able to press the show onto others now, even if they almost inevitably say the title back at me, unsure of the pronunciation. “I’ve gotten very good feedback. “Shtisel” is refreshingly nonjudgmental, and that may be its best quality. The American Tradition of Turning Its Back on the Stranger. Why Do Jewish Men Wear Yarmulkes (Kippahs)? He broke his word. Any Orthodox Jews Defying Lockdown Orders Are Inciting Antisemites, This Woman Might Be The First Female Hasidic Grammy Nominee, The Jewish Approach to Mindfulness Will Blow Your Mind. The owner of Mixed Greens posted a viral video questioning an inspector’s decision. I think she wants him. Three Jewish groups launch an effort to build awareness and dispel taboos about difficult journeys. “My first sculpture I did, I threw away. In both worlds, you can’t simply fall in love and get married; you have to fall in love with someone acceptable to your community, because they are wealthy enough or because they are devout enough. I was thinking that for Libbi, this was a betrayal. He did so poorly, the rabbi thought it was a going to be a fruitless endeavor, so he dissuaded him from even trying. “On the contrary,” Yaron said. Accordingly, her father agrees to the marriage under two conditions. A Jewish Foundation Campaigns to Protect the Right to Vote. The Israeli drama has been available on Netflix since late 2018, and I failed to fit it into my schedule; Netflix releases so many foreign language series, they tend to fall under my radar. “I never stopped playing around.”, When Glauber got married, his wife worked at a center for mentally challenged patients. Though she previously encouraged him to do so, her TV father, Nuchem sets a condition for the engagement requiring Akiva to agree to quit putting the brush to the canvas. Rabbis have endorsed Trump and their followers have rallied in support of the incumbent. “I’m Satmar. Only time will tell. At a Jewish Week symposium, 60 leaders and entrepreneurs say the future looks bright. I Wasn’t Totally Convinced To Observe Shabbat, But Then I Got An Incredible Sign, How Jewish Wisdom Can Help Us Survive The 2020 Election. A reporter remembers an eerily prescient sit-down with the late Israeli prime minister, whose assassination was 25 years ago this week. Cuomo eases 'red zone' restrictions, U.S. may tag rights groups as anti-Semitic, Israel eyes ties with Sudan, A New York Times Op-ed Ignores Louis Farrakhan’s Serial Bigotry. An excerpt from “We Saw Scenery,” Merrill Markoe’s hilarious and poignant graphic memoir. It picks up a year after the death of the Shtisel family matriarch, as her husband and adult children carry on uneasily. Satmar wedding limits guest list, Jews back Biden 75-25, ‘Joint’ names its 1st woman CEO, State Curbs Guest List for Chasidic Wedding in Brooklyn. Mayor apologizes to Orthodox, Zionist moderates speak up, ‘Borat’ mocks anti-Semitic QAnon, De Blasio Regrets How He Handled Chasidic Funeral in April. You have the will to touch someone but the fact that you can’t beings tension. Facebook bans Holocaust denial, Heshy Tischler out of jail, Israel’s oldest man dies, A.B. What the Shema Tells Us About Moral Leadership. You want to say something but you can’t say it. While Akiva Shtisel may technically not be Hasidic (as Yerushalmim look the part, but have different customs than Hasidim) and Zalmen Glauber is not angst-ridden like the fictionalized TV character, seeing a traditionally-dressed Jewish man from a close-knit community creating art that captivates the outside world, naturally reminds any Shtisel fan of the show’s protagonist. “I think they are not engaged because they kind of break up and only at the end does she go to the art show,” Yaron said. I was spellbound throughout the two 12-episode seasons, in much the same way I am when I read Victorian novels. Trump’s fear-mongering over immigrants echoes the way Jewish refugees were treated in the aftermath of the Holocaust. Abraham is offered special protection so that his descendants will bring blessings to others. “They are both broken hearted. A former Hollywood script editor, Sara Levine is an accomplished writer and editor. I know, shame on me for not waking up a few hours early every day to stream old seasons of “Baywatch.”. Photo: Netflix, The New York University Silver School of Social Work, THE SILVER SCHOOL OF SOCIAL WORK NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, The New York University Silver School of Social Work (SSSW), From Midtown to the Mideast - We Cover Your World. Akiva starts working as a teacher in the Yeshiva, and falls in love with Elisheva Rothstein, the mother of a student in his class, who has been widowed twice. In his desire to wed, with two previously failed engagements, Akiva has become known as the family screw-up. “It was difficult. Rather than emphasizing the otherness of the Haredi people we meet, the show brings out their humanness, sometimes with comic touches (such as Shulem’s elderly mother discovering TV while in a retirement home). From left, Doval’e Glickman, Ayelet Zurer, Michael Aloni, and Neta Riskin of "Shtisel. She will fight for him.” The balance of career and family has never felt more daunting. A seminar at Princeton grapples with massive disparities in the American criminal justice system. The world should know about him!! I’m a Multi-issue Voter, and I’m Voting for Trump, When Jewish Refugees Were a Problem No One Wanted to Solve. Politics is not about policy, but tribal identity. Why Do Orthodox Jewish Men Have Sidecurls? Season three is set to be released soon. Your Politics and Mine — and His and Hers, New Storytelling App Aims to Remove the Stigma of Infertility. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewGilbert. The razor-thin margins suggest polarization, and tolerance for the extremes, will endure. We also track Akiva’s sister Giti, a mother of five whose kosher-butcher husband has run off when the series starts, as well as his suppressed-musician brother. Yehoshua’s New Novel Burrows Into the Heart of a Divided Land. Even in our sorrow, Genesis reminds us, we are gaining new skills and purpose. The editors agree that the tragedy marks a pivotal moment in American Jewish life. The Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah is educating clergy on election procedures — and asking Jewish offices to close on Nov. 3. “Encouragement is the doorway to growth, to have a meaningful life.” He advises kids, “if you have a dream, just go for it and don’t give up.” As a teacher once told him regarding sculpting, “enjoy the journey…Life is a journey.”. Her innocence is conveyed through her eyes and soft delivery. Even if I as Hadas would look at it differently, I just had to remind myself that for her, this is the biggest thing because she wants to marry him but she can’t if he can’t keep his word.”. Hadas Yaron did something few actresses can do: She nailed her first major film role, winning the Ophir Award for Best Actress for her breathtaking performance in the 2012 Israeli film “Fill The Void.”. Only Honesty and Decency Will Rebuild Our Ship of State. To see more of Glauber’s art or his studio, visit “As far back as I can remember, as a child, I was pretty fascinated by the capabilities of people just to scribble down a few lines and have a picture emerge.” At around nine-years-old, he saw a friend who could work magic with a pencil and it inspired him. I was flabbergasted.”. Just like so many people I’ve known, the people in “Shtisel” are negotiating the distance between social expectations and their individuality. With vast experience as a story consultant, her notes and critiques on novels and scripts have been used to select and improve material by top studios, networks, agencies and writers in the entertainment industry and beyond. He finally opened his own studio in Williamsburg. It comes from what is not, not from what is.”, She said her hardest scene on the show was when she has to get upset at Akiva for painting. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Even if I as Hadas would look at it differently, I just had to remind myself that for her, this is the biggest thing because she wants to marry him but she can’t if he can’t keep his word.”, “She wants to get married,” Yaron said. Jewish New Yorkers Say Covid-19 Protests Tar a Diverse Community. The two share a lot in common, as they both render people who are constrained by their culture. Compromise and Understanding Make Us Stronger. Joe Biden’s Support for Holocaust Survivors and the Jewish Community Is Second to None. If you don’t know, “Shtisel” is a family drama set in a Haredi, or ultra-Orthodox, neighborhood in Jerusalem. It was so big to her. Parshat Nitzavim-Vayelech: The Longest Day, Rejoicing in the Triumphs of the Next Generation, Parshat Ki Tetze – Relationship Building as a Mitzvah, When Torah Asks Us to Take a Leap of Faith, Sports World Pays Attention After Jewish Girl Calls ‘Foul!’. How Jewish Immigrants Built a Classic Bronx Italian Grocery. “You can’t watch everything,” I say to them, “but you need to watch ‘Shtisel.’ ”. “It wasn’t easy, but I really enjoyed it. I’ve still got “Babylon Berlin” on my list, at the urging of readers, and one of these days, “Fauda,” I will know you. Biden vows to fight anti-Semitism, leaders mark Jewish-Catholic milestone, meet the ‘Jewish Faucis’, Poignant Anthology Marks 2nd Anniversary of Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre. A word hurled at a Jewish reporter in Brooklyn was meant to silence a community’s legitimate critics. She credits “Fill The Void” director Rama Burshtein for helping her research her character. Shulem is a stubborn, tone-deaf yeshiva teacher in his 60s who’s beginning to think it might be nice to find another woman. “Okay, let me take an art lesson.” Eight years later, he is a successful artist. Now I think… that I should have kept it.” As the years went by, his confidence grew. I think she’s 24. “I remember the scene where she sees he’s painting again,” Yaron said. She will fight for him.”, Get Jewish Week's Newsletter by email and never miss our top stories, Election Dashes Liberal Hopes for a ‘Massive Rejection of Trumpism’. And yet so little of the show involves sexuality or even touching.

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