[11] Renzo laughs as Torako Suguro grills her son over dying his hair. Renzo, along with Ryuji Suguro and Konekomaru Miwa, were born in the same temple. Once his role as a moderator comes to light, Nemu continues to maintain his quiet, eccentric demeanor. His eyes are typically closed, and only open up in times of danger. Soon after confirming he is effectively unkillable due to Satan occupying his eye, he uses that and Lightning's Morinas contract to annihilate the Illuminati's base because he had no use for them. Renzo joins Konekomaru who is perched in a tree. [38] Later, Nemu is shown sitting quietly with Rin sitting with him in the bath while Renzo has an outburst. This is also how Rin survives the return of his demon heart, which downright carbonizes him at first. Nemu refers to himself as a Puppet Master (傀儡師 (パペットマスター)  Papetto Masutā) because he has the ability to summon and control any doll in combat, as well as to alter both their sentience and size. ... Or one of Rin's insane siblings? [39] Later, Nemu is handed the form pertaining to what meister he will be testing for, along with everyone else in class. Renzo's name is paired with his brother Kinzo's name (廉造), meaning "gold". Also that salvation is coming where god will grant eternal life to all human beings. He apologizes to Izumo just as she is recaptured and also to Lund and Strom, before falling unconscious. This is picking up steam as he defects to the Illuminati and arms himself with weapons known to erode the wielder's mind, with only their guarantee that he's immune. [22], Konekomaru tells Renzo if he wants to go back, then he should go as the pair run through the forest. now about the human/Nemu. Many chapters later he finally manages to bring out the power in his eye and has another one of these in the form of tracking down Mephisto, demanding answers, and aiming his gun at him when he didn't get them. Now it's clearly obvious Nemu is NOT using a demon puppet for fun. But instead, he met with Igor Neuhaus' Demon. He then tells everyone present that they have the day off tomorrow. Suddenly, one of the Bariyons transforms and begins to crush Shiemi. The puppet looked like he was calming the boy down. Shima's very friendly and is one of the first people who befriended Rin after finding out he was Satan's son, saying that he didn't care about it since Rin was a good person. Renzo became a spy for the Illuminati just before his admission into the True Cross Academy, claiming that his hatred for the people in his life and their expectations drove him. When Kurikara is shattered, it is revealed that the sword acted as a. Rin tells him that the order will find him and keep any eye and him, and that he is small now. He finds out his adopted dad's history and reacts violently by chucking the computer at a tree. Of all people, Rin manages to pull this off in the Kyoto arc, disappearing from beside Shura and suddenly appearing nearby Tatsuma. His passion for acting started while watching his father work at the age of 8. He is, however, mentioned by Shura Kirigakure in a conversation with Mephisto. Yukio decides to defect to the Illuminati. Izumo chimes in that he made it look like he killed Uke and Mike but yet they were ok and asks for him to tell them his reasons. The Puppet, however, was reused. The tight-wound, nervous, and suppressed blue oni to Ryuji's headstrong and emotional red. After receiving Konekomaru's text saying that the task is impossible to accomplish by himself, Renzo and the others go to find him, deciding to complete the mission together. He explains that he has and then asks to be left alone for awhile. He comments that if he had not have stabbed him, that he would not have left a scent. At some point, Yaozo Shima passed on his K'rik to Renzo,[2] and the trio decided to attend the True Cross Academy to become Exorcists. Konekomaru calls him a coward and Renzo then has a flash back to his childhood. Demonstrates extensive knowledge of plants. Using Yamantaka costs Renzo a great deal of energy, to the point where he blacks out after a short battle. The Love Interest for both Yukio and Rin. brycepapenbrook.com Rin is also a Blue Oni (reserved and hesitant) to Shiemi's Red Oni (eager and at times impulsive). I think there isn't a lot more to say about Takara's mysteries XD too little discussion material. Occupation: [9], It is later revealed by Mephisto that Nemu is an Exorcist that he hired from "a third party" to monitor the cram school. [81] The Demon is able to pressure the summons of a high-level Exorcist, and is able to manipulate rare black flames that burn spiritual entities and souls, yet leave physical vessels untouched. Nemu sits quietly and does not even speak when Lewin asks them all if they can trust Renzo. Some of Bryce's other roles have been Meliodas in The Seven Deadly Sins, Red in Pokémon Origins, Zidane Tribal in Dissidia: Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy, Eren Jaeger in Attack on Titan, Bearmon & Coronamon in Digimon Fusion, Hanabusa Aido in Vampire Knight, and Cody Hida in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. The Illuminati confirms these findings and also say that he is also unsuitable for possession. [49] Their fight takes them down into a lower level of the facility as the giant Chimera Zombie follows them, drawn by Rin's flames according to Renzo. Ryuji asks where his father is, but no one knows his current whereabouts. Renzo tells him not to be so hard on himself and tells Ryuji he thought that he would be dead. "Interestingly enough, the doll on Nemu's arm seems to have some level of sentiency and control over the young man's body. Renzo speeds after him and tells him that he wants to continue being a spy as he has a gift for it. [17], Later, Renzo barges in on Shiemi and Izumo, telling them that Ryuji has been injured and asks for their help. Polite, calm and mature on the surface. The protagonist and titular character. Everything seemingly is going well until Renzo is caught off guard and is knocked away by an unseen tendril. Bryce was born in West Hills, California on February 24, 1986. But on season 1 of blue exorcist takura took of the puppet and started reciting a bible verse when the launch the messiah (edited by Eveesunnmarr) 0. His colder and pessimistic attitude contrasts with Rin's friendly and optimistic outlook. Renzo clashes into Rin after thinking he is an enemy. [6] Shura then briefs the team on the current situation. [51], After Michael's defeat, Renzo comments about the others being amazing as he collects Michael in his unconscious state. The others see this, and Rin rushes in to attack in an attempt to save her. [63], Renzo gathers with the other Exwires to watch the proceedings of the faculty meeting. Salaryman Exorcist: The Sorrows of Yukio Okumura, Blue Exorcist: The Chronocyclic Labyrinth, https://aonoexorcist.fandom.com/wiki/Renzo_Shima?oldid=54457. Konekomaru begins to cry and asks Rin to forgive him. He is then told that outside of Yamantaka, he is virtually useless to them. [64] Mephisto announces that the Exorcist exam has been greatly moved up due to the vast increase in demon activity, suspected to be caused by the Illuminati. Later on in the Manga he wears the Illuminati uniform with the jacket opened and his staff strapped to his back. [41] Eventually cutting Izumo off, he uses Yamantaka, causing Uke and Mike to back down and blocks Izumo's escape. In the Anime, rescues a young girl from a tower of falling cans while on the job in the first episode... only to reveal he got fired for it.

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