However, sometime in 2014, the show ceased to continue airing. William Michale Hayden (born June 24, 1965)[1] is a former American gunsmith, television personality, U.S. Marine and gun shop owner. The name of the show? Will Hayden was found guilty for the rapes of two women, one of whom claimed that Will Hayden abused her more than once between the ages of 11 to 12 years. Hayden claimed that the allegations were false and made in retaliation by a vengeful ex-girlfriend, the 12-year-old girl's mother. Yes, “was.” And that is why you are here, we believe. William Michale Hayden (born June 24, 1965) is a former American gunsmith, television personality, U.S. Marine and gun shop owner. Yes, Hayden was that good. He seemed to do it without any effort. This process is then shown, and the episode usually ends with a test of the finished product at a shooting range. She … As of November 2020, Will Hayden has a net worth of $2 Million. Charlie Watson – Forensic Firearms Expert/Gunsmith/Marketer. Of course, the show’s idea and its implementation are the intellectual property of the participants. Very carefully. Though, he is 1.68 m tall, he weighs about 90 kg. After the abuse, the victim became depressed, began to smoke, and drink alcohol. Career. He is best known as the star of the 2011–2014 Discovery Channel reality series Sons of Guns. Will Hayden’s reality show, “Sons of Guns,” got very popular among the masses ever since it aired on the Discovery Channel on 26th January 2011. Hayden actually once got out when he was first arrested by police in Louisiana. Well, a medical expert examined the victim and did not find any signs of physical violence on her body. Stephanie Hayden appeared in all of her father’s TV show episodes of the show “Sons of Guns”. As noted, Haden was the reality show “Sons of Guns” star. We also note that Hayden is also suspected of attempting to rape his own daughter Stephanie, who also later starred with him in Sons of Guns. Vince Buckles – Former chief gunsmith of the store, left Red Jacket at the end of season 2, now works part-time as an outside contractor. This store was owned and run by Will Hayden. Fortunately, his firearms business became successful, and in 1999, Will Hayden officially opened “Red Jacket Firearms.”. Will Hayden’s life teaches us always to be passionate about what we do, and success will follow. He was sentenced, as, apparently, Will Hayden, turned out to be a pedophile. His side business began to take off, and in 1999, he sold his main business and officially opened Red Jacket Firearms. Required fields are marked *, What Happened to Red Jacket Firearms & Will Hayden. But first, a little trip down history lane…. Well, Discovery Channel did the right thing. Victory is victory."[4]. The founder and owner of the store is Will Hayden. The series features the work of the weapons store Red Jacket Firearms, located in Baton Rouge (Louisiana, USA). Will Hayden will not see his gun shop again for a long time. Initially, an employee of his store, Rebecca Ramsey, testified against the businessman. That’s was the angry rants most fans of the show swore under their breath. He was subsequently released after paying a $ 150,000 bail. And each episode of the series begins with a warning not to repeat what was seen at home. Hayden was born to Rachel and Will Hayden in Lousiana in the 1980s, but no actual date of birth is known. According to the second victim, Hayden, in 2014, tricked her into sexual relations. William Hayden – Founder and owner of Red Jacket Firearms. And many young girls had suffered at the hands of Hayden. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start. His height is 1.68 m tall, and his weight is 90 kg. [2] From an early age, he was a firearms enthusiast, and often read about weapons and warfare. Being born on 1986, Stephanie Hayden is 34 years old as of today’s date 2nd November 2020. When others came up, he was again placed behind bars for aggravated rape on minors. However, the condition of the genitals testified to the fact that the victim entered into sexual relations. Stephanie said in a television interview that around 1994, her drunken father entered her bedroom, kissed her, and tried to undress. Will Hayden got married to Rachel Hayden, and they have a daughter, Stephanie Hayden, together. He made custom-design guns, and he had a license to do so. When Do Deer Shed and Drop Their Antlers ? by Nick Oetken - Last updated August 27, 2020. He is also known for his famous television show, “Sons of Guns,” which aired on the Discovery Channel. This article will answer this two-headed question. [2], Hayden survived a large house fire as a "three or four year old" child.

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