Peringatan Dr Nick Patterson, Boneka Seks Dapat Diretas... Foto: Puluhan Orang Tewas Dibakar Hidup-hidup, Hoax! together the Westminster confession of Why? This should not be dismissed and written off as mere coincidence. One of the best rules of exegetical work fits here: we are at best the SECOND readers of the Revelation (let alone the rest of Scripture), so what is recorded had to have made sense to the FIRST ones. Those unwilling to sign were denied funding. God have mercy on your soul. Rev. Luciferase is what it is called. Bill Gates, if he wants to onnoculate 7 billion people against a light version of the Covid and saying openly that he expects 700.000 people to die of it, is a pure luciferian ! Is there any such data that might shed some light on this passage? One world currancy, quarantaine, all predicted this 10 years ago. Jesus authorized the KJV, All this time I thought he spoke Aramaic. This us wrong. I agree with much of what you say there Mary-Ann. He gave me another word years ago also about a great Earthquake and shaking coming- but I wasn’t sure if He meant in the natural or spiritual- probably both… I had a… Read more », He is Zionist Lucifer slave. Jesus will provide if we can’t buy or sell he said so in what he said about the birds. Be accounted for the mark of. Prosperity. You keep saying revelations has already taken place, have you read the entire book? Time is short!! This is even in the Prphedies and the mark of Satan. Not schemes of man. These freedoms did not come cheap! Gates does not deny this is his. “These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. 13 March 2020. Google’s… Read more ». it speak on the 9 insights to human evolution. 2. The mark is said to be ‘on’ the hand or forehead. Think of the wickedness if people had imperishable bodies, these people would think themselves gods and think there were no consequences for them. for all Gov’t have been beasts. Time will delay no longer. Watch and follow the signs Matthew 24. You can not fool God. This is called being a “watchman.” God didn’t give us bible prophecy to scare us, He gave us bible prophecy to prepare us. Why? 4. An exemplary embodiment of user device 130 is illustrated in FIG. It could very well be. 5:25-27, Bridal Chamber Prepared The son returns to his father’s house and prepares the bridal chamber. *Correction: An earlier version of this post stated that the Senate had a bill before it, when it is the House of Representatives. Modern folks are used to this. Going into countries and lying about vaccines, vaccine trials and maiming and killing millions of children Gates wants to rule the world and naive people will allow it. In fact it even goes on to say that those who took the mark would develop grievous sores because of it. Thank you for breaking it down in a way that makes sense and is still biblical. SO CORONA IS 666 !!! Copyright 2020 Faithlife / Logos Bible Software. It feels lonely to see al the sheep hurdle to their doom and been labeled as crazy because you see what is going on. Therefore, the marks are real but we still glorifying the Lord Jesus Christ! Since we have a pretty good idea about the identity of the beast, is there any other historical data we could look to that would link the worship of the beast’s image with the worship of Caesar’s image? This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. If there is no physical mark (but merely spiritual mark) then how could he distinguish and FORCE people into submission and CONTROL them ? There’s simply no way around it. Corporations come up with this BS. That’s what the whole theme of Matthew is right. It will lead toknow where everyone is at all times and used to control freedom. I’ve known for over a decade their plans. VIRUS *[5]* 89=94=13= *[4]* *STABILITY*. Of course, SS#’s Drivers licenses at the point they were introduces wasn’t it, but they do show your willingness and conditioning to do as man says. This is it!!! As of May 14, 2020 this video has been shared over 22,800 times on Facebook. The Bible reveals thats Jesus told his deciples in Mark 13v11 that unto them mysteries of the Kingdom – in other words, God related stuff – is revealed to them and not to the people, he said they look but they can’t see and hear but won’t understand. Christian or not. With respect to anonymous gifts, the will restrict information about the donor to only those staff members with a need to know. Good link. The will refrain from providing advice about the tax or other treatment of gifts and will encourage donors to seek guidance from their own professional advisers to assist them in the process of making their donation. They imagine the prophectic scriptures re: the anti-christ and The Mark Of Beast have not happened yet. And absolutely if you take it to be able to buy/sell/obtain what you need you are absolutely putting your faith in the government (Satan) over God…. Upon closer examination you will find the word has 6 letters. Only a precursor. Again, not reading to much into but just half hazardously, all I see is 2020 666 AI. Your love of Christ? Dr Ken Gentry on You Tube has a great teaching on the Beast of Revelation, and also a very good 3 part series on Revelation and he can prove using scripture that the majority of Revelation has being fulfilled. A brand logo that is unique and stands out renders an excellent performance when compared to other brands. Don’t forget the warnings after the mark. So before all hell brakes loose on earth we will be going home. If the Holy Bible says there is. Boy, OSAS is the end times heresy foretold by the Spirit in 1 Tim. 2 were in the field, one was taken, like in the days of noah. Love being focus. The latter will be Gates’s likely approach not only because of feasibility and sustainability, but also because for over 6 years, the Gates Foundation has been funding another project that incorporates human-implantable microchip implants. I’d certainly agree with the suggestions Dr. Halsted makes here. AKA mark of the beast , to track human society and of course make him a RICHER man! has so far proven wrong on all counts and distracts from the actual message which was the reason God had this book written for us and put into the bible. If we have to take a shoulder or forearm shot, like a flu shot, before he appears on the scene, I am inclined to say it might be OK. He “believes” without even needing faith because he knows from inside knowledge. I do not think so. For instance, in April 2020 social media users started to share a link to a patent supposedly owned by Microsoft that pertained to the micro-chipping of individuals for financial gain. People just don’t want to believe what is right in front of them. It’s proprietary. Matt is my friend and I thought I would start him out properly given the guy who’s comment follows this. Hi, I’m in middle school, but I do know that God will protect us. We need some historical data from the letter’s time period in order to gain clarity into its meaning. God showing us in plain sight what’s before us, maybe.…& So, for example, in the case of Greek, the first letter alpha would be given the number one. That would be our desire, which clearly is not what God wants or intended. Nothing in there suggests that simply acknowledging Christ will save you. By the time it crossed the aqueducts to Laodicea, both types were lukewarm. Obedience and worship are the same and not one without the other. Marriage Covenant The father pays for the bride and establishes the marriage covenant. I assure you judging harshly will be reciprocated back to you as “Higher Law” is reciprocal in nature. God told Noah to build an Ark at least 120 years before the deluge. he won’t even if re-elected. Im still trying to understand. 7:3-4.” The seal mentioned in Rev 7:3-7:4 is not meant for Christians. My question is if we have to have a “mark” in order to buy and sell in the very near future would be to a have a vaccine – and proof. There is no evidence suggesting these vaccines will have a Radio-Frequency-Identification (RFID) chip. Have a look at this link: YOUTUBE DR NORTHUP for more info!!!!! Now that’s going too far. Hi Michelle. In order to interpret it rightly, we need to know its context. In order to enable them to do that and control everyone, people must be easily identified, monitored and followed. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. So how can you possibly say the prophecies about the Anti-Christ and TMOTB haven’t happened yet. His patent # in 2019 is as follows 2020060606A1. Of course, a person could respond by saying, “Yes, but the text says the ‘mark’ is placed on the ‘right hand or the forehead.’ Does this not therefore necessarily imply a physical mark?” The answer is no. THE ONE TRUE GOD KNOWS ABOUT IT ALL, OBVIOUSLY, BUT SINCE WE HAVE FREEWILL WE MUST USE IT TO KEEP THIS WORLD UNSHACKLED TO THE DEVILS WORK. can you explain then what must take place please. THROUGH DNA TECHNOLOGY RELEASED BY THE MARK WILL CAUSE YOU TO TRANSFORM INTO A NON HUMAN ENTITY. It’s a tattoo. Wouldn’t the devil hang it all on front of your face for choosing. I have a real problem with that. The thing is, the church vehemently opposes abortion, as it should. But Christians are also capable of making bad decisions and sinning. So if it becomes ‘law’ then it is more than just preventative medicine! stay focused on the spirit of christ. Even if this means I lose everything. Dalam laporan yang beredar mengatakan bahwa kebanyakan chip ditanamkan saat perawatan gigi. I reckon that most people in my evangelical tradition haven’t either. And they won’t for they know as long as you can be kept from your family they will get you to eventually do as they say. Trust stamp that goes on your hand that lights up under red light with Lucifer-ase enzyme. He’s obviously not saved just for believing in Christ.’. The slain lamb in Revelations was the only one worthy to open the books, the seals. He greatest weapon is deception. Umat Kristen Indonesia saat itu dihebohkan dengan kabar adanya demo pemasangan chip ini yang digelar di Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Tangerang, akhir Juli 2017 lalu. = killed. Take the word Corona. The Corona along with many things through out history are an awakening to take a closer look at our relationship with God. The mark is associated with the antichrist and the number of his name. When you look at the word receive in the text of Revelation, it does not allude to one who is deceive but rather one who is active in their acceptance. GUESS WHAT THE SUM OF THE LETTERS ADD UP TO? these voices are all noise to distract. Now O is the 15th letter, R is the 18th letter, O is 15, N is the 14th letter, and finally O the 15th letter. Believe me if you have ears to hear, you do NOT want to find out the Bible is true when our King comes, it will be too late by then and you will go to perdition forever. the antichrist is all that is separated from god . And while He loved us so much to die for us, we should love Him so much so as to continuously die for him. So is this new vaccine TMOTB? God is real and he has imposed on us these worldly constraints, we have to succumb to them as well. In an article published last week on theLAB, COVID-19 and The Mark of the Beast, I claimed that the mark of the beast (666) is most likely not a physical or visible mark (Rev. Also take time to study The Word if God more. Don’t rely on a vaccine don’t let them scare you into getting one. This chip type is ISO14443A compliant but is not NFC compliant. So no one need to have any fears at all. Again, given what we know about the historical context of these biblical texts, the “mark of the beast” must be tied back into worship if it is to be applied properly.

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