Windows XP wasn’t supposed to last as long as it did. It was eventually sold to Novell, then Caldera and then later on became the property of SCO. It's too early to tell, but something tells us the ride is far from over. Investors believe the pandemic's worst effects on corporate profits have already passed. Eventually, the highly competitive MS-DOS based PC clone business made Digital Research's CP/M irrelevant and also would eventually force IBM to exit their own PC business in the late 1990s and early 2000's. As if this wasn't awful enough, in 2002 HP merged with Compaq, which had only just acquired Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) four years before, along with its powerful 64-bit Alpha RISC chip and Windows NT/Digital UNIX servers that had seen some moderate success in High-Performance Computing environments. tech Will she sell WebOS or continue to develop it, with the hope of licensing it? Inc. has plunged to a low of $17.66 Billion, a far cry from Microsoft's original offer of $47 Billion. Since the Compaq merger, HP has endured numerous problems with failed initiatives, dubious acquisitions (3COM, EDS) and has been plagued with ineffective management, including two major ethics scandals that have forced Chairwoman Patricia Dunn and CEO Mark Hurd to resign. CEO and co-founder Jerry Yang, playing hard-to-get, formally rejected the bid, stating that it "substantially undervalued" the company and was not in the interest of shareholders. ... As the CEO of X Tech Ventures, I focus on applying game-changing technologies from multiple, diverse … Literally. time What’s next for hardware, software, and services ... Jamie Diamond (JP Morgan Chase), and Martha Stewart top the list of the CEOs with the worst reputations. In addition, HP was announcing its intention to leave the PC hardware business, in hopes of becoming a more streamlined enterprise software and services company like IBM. At the time, there was only one serious contender, Digital Research's CP/M, which ran on a number of early personal computers including the Apple ][, The Osborne and the Kaypro, all of which had substantial market share in a small but quickly growing industry. HP quickly attempted to price adjust by discounting the product $100, in the hopes that consumers would latch on. Feedly,, YouTube, Planner Pro, St George Banking Application, Quora, 8Bit Beatbox, and Janetter Pro for Twitter. The shrewd executive certainly knew how to play the system. The Forgotten Hong Kong Flu Pandemic of 1968, You Have More Control Over the Future Than You Realize, team of diversity and inclusion consultants, Bresch made a fortune while Mylan’s stock, Political Correctness / Identity Politics. Whether it was Apotheker's intention all along to scuttle the last remaining vestiges of Mark Hurd's legacy is unknown, but many have speculated that he wanted to clean house since he started, and had been attempting to reverse over a decade of the company's mismanagement, starting with the Compaq merger completed by Carly Fiorina in 2002. Terms of Use. Mark Hurd, a member of HP's board of directors was selected to take Dunn's place. surveyed Best, worst tech CEOs 2011. year, Santa and I get together at his place, break out the nog, boogey down to Nobody knows how much the Vista debacle really cost Microsoft, but it damaged the company's reputation and almost certainly amounted to billions of dollars of stalled upgrades and a significant exodus of users to Apple’s Mac platform. Without Jobs' vision and guidance, innovation slowed and Apple underwent several leadership changes. Co-CEOs: Yossi Carmil and Ron Serber* What it is: A forensics company based in Israel that breaks into personal devices (cost to unlock a phone: $1,500) on … Weeks of back-and-forth of highly publicized  meetings between the two companies resulted in a standoff. In February 2008 for approximately $47 billion. The litigation debacle went on for years, chronicled in gory detail on sites such as Groklaw. All While the Itanium partnership with Intel surely started HP down the road to hell, it was accelerated in 2001 when HP, under the guidance of CEO Carly Fiorina decided to merge with Compaq in a $25 billion dollar deal. Not Twitter. The prime objection was that Compaq had many overlapping product lines and would get the company involved in the low-margin PC business that its main competitor, IBM, was already in the process of exiting. just In the five years since taking over as halftime CEO, the stock has gone nowhere. It's time to select the year's best and worst tech CEOs. Thrown into complete disarray, in September of 2010, HP's board of directors decided to recruit an outsider to run the company, Leo Apotheker, a former SAP executive. HP's stock continued to plunge, and it became evident that the Board of Directors needed to do something drastic. By now Boeing should. That makes no sense. Weeks went by without any news of the product's sell-through, until Mid-August, when it was reported that Best Buy had only sold about 10 percent of its inventory. Eventually, the technologies that were created for Windows Vista were refined and re-engineered. Due to the pre-announcement of the newer, better products while the current inventory in the reseller channel was still full, buyers were no longer interested in current products. ANZ goMoney, HSBC, uTorrent, uDraw, The Decision App, Note.S, The Textastic Code Editor, and ScrapNote, Tech IPO busts from the Internet boom (gallery). Things were looking up. Tech Forecast. Alex Bracetti is a contributing writer at Complex. Total subscribers of AOL went from an estimated 30 million at the height of its popularity to less than just over 5 million in 2007, with no significant quarterly growth since 2002. As of September 2011, the market capitalization of Yahoo! The year was 1982. In 2007, SCO filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. with that narrow scope, it always amazes me how many CEOs are naughty year On September 22nd, 2011, HP fired Leo Apotheker, and installed eBay founder and HP board member Meg Whitman as CEO, with the hopes of returning the company to a pattern of stable management and restoring the company's market value. Tech CEOs are getting a lot of attention lately. And I don’t blame him one bit. Sure That’s okay. HP is now the only company to sell Itanium-based servers under their Integrity brand, and Oracle recently announced that it would no longer be developing software for the chip. further ado, here’s our Worst CEOs of 2019 list, counting down from …. Unfortunately, many get stuck being employed by people so self-interested and absorbed, so crazy and maniacal, and so disconnected from the day-to-day realities of the companies they run, that the workplace becomes something akin to what Dante was laying down. Join CDN as we take a look back at some of the worst bosses in the history of high tech.We start our search in 1981 with the launch of the IBM PC. Top 10 terrible tech CEOs of all time. Santa insists on keeping our methodology strictly on the down low, I can say we I think the guy’s certifiable, but that’s just me. I’d call Twitter today’s Yahoo except Yahoo had a heyday. With over 25 years of industry experience at NCR and two years spent as the company's CEO marked by strong leadership and improving the company's efficiency and net income, Hurd was thought to be HP's white knight. 1000 Which of these rank as the worst tech executive decision ever? Vista’s successor, Windows 7, was released a little less than three years after Vista's introduction to much better reviews. Which 100 chief executive is most admired? their Literally. And not accepting political ads is a remarkably dumb decision. After negotiating an almost unheard of non-exclusive licensing agreement with IBM, the company would be established as the leader in personal computer software for decades to come. Shareholder and Yahoo! Part of the Nay Noorda-backed family of companies known as the Canopy Group, the company re-named itself  "The SCO Group" and soon began to find itself in a bit of an identity crisis. Americans potential Published 7:43 am CST, Saturday, December 13, 2014 Tech investors did fairly well in 2014, as the tech … Founder Steve Jobs had recruited former Pepsi-Cola executive John Sculley to act as Apple's CEO, in order to help grow the company. Modis SCO had partnered with Intel, IBM and Sequent briefly during the mid-1990s on "Project Monterrey", an attempt to unify, merge and port the best aspects of the company's UNIXWare OS and IBM's AIX to the new Intel Itanium as well as IBM's POWER processor. keeping In 2009, Darl Mcbride was fired. Carol Bartz tried desperately to improve Yahoo's business, but was unable to turn the company around, whose initiatives had little support from her Board, and her tenure was marked by yet another round of heavy layoffs. Worst Tech CEOs Earn the Most Money 313 Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Tuesday July 18, 2006 @07:37PM from the strive-to-be-an-underachiever dept. No one likes working for a hard-ass CEO. Gil Amelio, the current CEO, was ousted in 1997 in a boardroom coup and Steve Jobs returned as Chairman and CEO. Being Extraordinary in the Age of the Entrepreneur. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Fiorina stepped down in 2005. The design goals of what was eventually named Windows Vista were admirable: improve Windows' security model, introduce widespread 64-bit technology into the desktop OS, improve networking performance, refine the user interface, and better integrate search capabilities. And we don’t. Microsoft purchased the OS and perpetual usage rights, which they then re-christened as "DOS", for a mere $75,000. The company's market valuation has plunged significantly from a high of $240 billion to $1.66 billion as of August of 2011. Boeing’s board is an odd group, but I do think the directors 15 Worst Tech Predictions Of All Time. Eventually, both AMD and Intel would produce 64-bit x86 systems, which when clustered in HPC configurations would easily outperform equivalent IA-64 systems for significantly less money. they make a lot of dough but the fat man can’t resist filling their Christmas stockings Many large shareholders opposed the merger, including Walter Hewlett, the company's outspoken director and son of the company's co-founder, who engaged in a proxy battle in an attempt to prevent it. Early in 2011, UnXis Inc purchased SCO's remaining UNIX software assets. While dozens of notable examples could have made our list, these were by far the top top 10 worst in the history of the technology industry, causing many billions of dollars of lost revenue or resulted in the downfall of entire companies. If nothing else, Twitter is a cesspool of vitriolic political banter. IBM and Sun would continue to develop their POWER and SPARC architectures for their high-end servers, which eroded most of HP's high-end market share. When Mylan and Upjohn merge in 2020 Bresch will step down, putting an end to an eight-year reign that included a tax inversion move to the Netherlands, driving legislation to create an effective EpiPen monopoly, then jacking up prices and gouging customers. Information Technology, software and computer companies are certainly not without their share of poor executive decisions and mismanagement. We all should.

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