5 HC (DEC190977), MARVEL MASTERWORKS: MARVEL TEAM-UP VOL. 6: STARBRAND REBORN TPB (FEB201055), ETERNALS BY JACK KIRBY: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION TPB CLASSIC COVER (DM ONLY) (APR201085), ETERNALS BY JACK KIRBY: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION TPB REMASTERED COVER (APR201084), MILES MORALES VOL. Supposedly, they grew up idolizing the X-Men. . From delightful digital-first books arriving tomorrow through new books on their way in July, this is the comprehensive list of every single Marvel comic heading your way over the next three months! Holy shit,” out loud alone in my apartment. If you take the solicits literally, it stars several new characters modeled after Gambit, Cyclops, Angel, Nightcrawler, and Jean. . The group will include the villains, Wild Child, Empath, Scalphunter, Harpoon, Nanny, and Orphan Maker and is named after Emma Frost’s former students from the Hell-Fire club. 4: VENOM ISLAND TPB (FEB201050), WOLVERINE: WEAPON X TPB (NEW PRINTING 2) (FEB201066), X-FORCE BY BENJAMIN PERCY VOL. By subscribing, you agree to receive email communication from Bounding Into Comics. At the moment, there are 8 titles available for purchase including; X-Men, X-Force, New Mutants, Marauders, Excalibur, Giant-Sized X-Men, and Wolverine. , will dive deep into this new status quo, introducing an X-Team team of former villains, accompanied by Psylocke and Havok, and led my Mister Sinister himself. With the veteran artists like Kubert and Bogdanovic on hand, this may end up being the Wolverine comic that fans have been waiting for too. Vision Tries to Redeem Himself Against Ultron, But Will S.H.I.E.L.D. Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost. . Death Metal: The War Between DC's Dark Gods Could Destroy the Multiverse, Batman: Dark Multiverse Hush Introduces a New Outsiders Team, Death Metal Reveals Who DC's REAL Smartest Characters Are, Sentry: The Strongest Avenger's Sidekick Is Even More Tragic Than Him, Death Metal: Hawkgirl May Have Just Doomed the Justice League, Wolverine: How the Phoenix Transformed Logan Into a Powerful Cosmic God, Daredevil: How Matt Murdock Briefly Became One of Marvel's Most Powerful Heroes. Let’s take a look at what’s in the Krakoan pipeline. “The entire series is layered with clues about mutant resurrection’s ultimate end-game,” and for that reason alone it’s a series that will surely be worth checking out. Right on the heels of writer Jonathan Hickman overhauling the entire X-Men franchise, the editors of Marvel's X-titles have teased more changes to come. Gerry Duggan is always such a busy boy. Overview; My Details; Other Covers Add. Gerry Dugan and Phil Noto’s Cable solo series will also debut in March. Ever since reincarnation was established as the go-to post mortem mutant practice in House of X, readers have been clamoring for more information about the process. Steve Orlando and Davide Tinto challenged themselves to write an original superhero crossover comic — a Crisis on Infinite Earths that kicks off with a whole cast of never before seen superheroes. #1 by Jonathan Hickman and Russell Dauterman goes on sale Feb. 26, 2020. It’s a truly remarkable and beautiful book. Magneto Is the Star of Hickman and Oliver’s Giant-Size X-Men One-Shot, solo series will also debut in March. Writer Zeb Wells and artist Stephen Segovia’s new series. Drop into Fortnite Nexus War now! This Summer marks not just the first anniversary of the House of X and Powers of X books that changed the X-Men landscape, but it’s also the start of their first crossover. It’s a Hickman story so, who knows? What else is happening in the pages of our favorite comics? As Marvel's line of X-Men comics heads into 2020 is about to go through a major growth spurt with seven brand new upcoming series. If you think there are a lot of X-Men books on the shelves now… Well, you’d be correct. This is as strange as Fallen Angels coming to an abrupt end. The series will focus on Logan’s place in this new world, touching on his skepticism of Professor X’s plan with Krakoa. Discover the process Marvel Games, Square Enix, and Crystal Dynamics developed when creating the Mightiest Super Hero experience in "Marvel's Avengers," in this behind-the-scenes look from Intel Gaming. In happier comics artist news, Dracula, Motherf**ker! , but with his previous work on the Wolverine audio drama and follow-up comic adaptation, Percy has a strong grasp on the character, and he. A story where all the X-Men get swords and fight bad guys certainly sounds fun, but there’s good reason to think this could be the blockbuster comics crossover 2020 has been waiting for. Chad is a freelance writer and historian living in the Pittsburgh area. The series will follow Northstar, Polaris, Prodigy, Eye-Boy, Daken and Prestige as they work with The Five (Krakoa’s resident resurrection team) to investigate mutant deaths and disappearances. Look inside 'Widowmakers: Red Guardian and Yelena Belova' #1 before it hits stands on November 18! Despite his relative youth, he'll still be mentoring these other young mutnats as he stirs up trouble around Krakoa. The X-Men have their own Suicide Squad now, his interest in the tragic lives of classic comics creators, DC’s big Joker event series ended with a rewrite of The Killing Joke, Marvel’s teens are better at politics than Iron Man and Captain America. From fan-favorite Marvel heroes to unlikely mutant allies. With Xavier’s X-Force already taking on some of the X-Men’s most dangerous foes through any means necessary, there's no telling what kind of trouble these mutants might get into. Get a Preview of What's Coming Up in Marvel's Storyboards Season 2, New Marvel Eat The Universe Holiday Items Arrive at BoxLunch, The Strange Ways Bruce Banner Used to Hulk Out, Eat the Universe: Nova Space Donuts Are Out of This World, Share Your Passion for Your Local Comic Book Store with #LoveComicShops, Earn points for what you already do as a Marvel fan and redeem for cool rewards as a, (Points/Rewards program available to U.S. residents only. First up, Jean Grey and Emma Frost will team up to save Storm in a story by Hickman and Russell Dauterman. , readers have been clamoring for more information about the process. The only thing that’s been standing in the way of the X-folks and their own Dirty Dozen is the fact that mutants don’t die. Power Rangers Shows What the Power Coins Can REALLY Do. Hellions #5, which sets up a major story in Swords of X, turns Psylocke, Havok, and Mister Sinister into the DC supervillain team. Browse the Marvel Comics issue Free Comic Book Day: X-Men (2020) #1. Mister Sinister got really mad that he was being forced into the field so he unthawed a copy of himself from his illicit clone farm. Not all of the Hellions are going to walk out of Otherworld alive. Much of Dawn of X has appeared to be meticulously planned. At least as far as social media goes – which makes sense when you look at it from a certain angle. Featuring an entirely new cast of characters, the series will answer the question “What if the X-Men had sidekicks?” This question was expanded upon by Ayala, who noted her interest in creating a series about Gen-Z mutants, teens who had grown up admiring heroes like Storm and Wolverine and sought to follow in their footsteps. With the veteran artists like Kubert and Bogdanovic on hand, this may end up being the Wolverine comic that fans have been waiting for too. Assistant Editor Annalisse Bissa also confirmed that there are several titles in the works for the new year that have yet to be announced. 3 HC (NOV190949), MARVEL'S BLACK WIDOW PRELUDE TPB (JAN201074), TIMELY'S GREATEST: THE GOLDEN AGE SUB-MARINER BY BILL EVERETT - THE POST-WAR YEARS OMNIBUS HC (OCT191094), WHAT IF? as a major inspiration and notes that his run will have serious, long term repercussions in the Marvel Universe, . You see, Fantomex isn’t a mutant. Complete your Marvel Studios’ Avengers collection On Digital now! By Benjamin Percy, Adam Kubert, and Viktor Bogdanovic goes on sale Feb. 20., 2020. Right on the heels of writer Jonathan Hickman overhauling the entire X-Men franchise, the editors of Marvel's X-titles have teased more changes to come. Join the fight and take on Galactus to save all of Reality. Be sure to ask your local comic book shop about their current business policies to observe social distancing or other services they may offer, including holding or creating pull lists, curbside pick-ups, special deliveries and other options to accommodate. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. The X-Men find themselves in a whole new world of possibility… and things have never been better! 5 HC VARIANT (DM ONLY) (DEC190978), MARVEL-VERSE: CAPTAIN AMERICA GN-TPB (MAR201119), MS. MARVEL MEETS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE GN-TPB (FEB201074), SILVER SURFER: PARABLE TPB (NEW PRINTING) (APR201107), SPIDER-VERSE: SPIDER-ZERO TPB (FEB201047), STAR WARS: THE RISE OF KYLO REN TPB (SDOS) (FEB201057). Percy has a strong grasp on the character, and he recently told Newsarama that he’s “been waiting to write this series [his] whole life." I think it’s safe to assume this book will show us how he returns. Hellions #1 will be available on March 25th. RELATED: Magneto Is the Star of Hickman and Oliver’s Giant-Size X-Men One-Shot. The X-Men find themselves in a whole new world of possibility… and things have never been better! Cable #1 by Gerry Dugan and Phil Noto goes on sale March 11, 2020. By that I mean, they’ll be doing detective work as they look into the disappearance of mutants. Will the Krakoans float him special dispensation for his prior sacrifice? The mystery man who may or may not be Rorschach seems a likely analogue for Spider-Man co-creator Steve Ditko, whose body went undiscovered in his apartment for days after his death in 2018.

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