It helps a TON to have more equips, and helps a TON to win WSR. Interest in this game has been growing very fast, so completing this guide has become a personal priority for me lately. Having one WSR is extremely useful, but only if you also have one or two extra equips to back it up. This is the main reason we farm these two people. Use your judgement in selecting the deck, but do NOT start without raigeki and a useable equip, ever. Now return to the main menu of the game so we can free duel people. You place it down and whatever the next monster is that tries attacking you will be killed. Much of Forbidden Memories was taken from the preceding Yu-Gi-Oh! Watch Out For: Gate Guardian (3750 atk) She plays Swords of Revealing Light which prevents you from attacking for three turns. However, if you get BCD POW, you can win Beast Fangs. Eventually Heishin will duel you. FM Mod Reborn Legendary 2 5 DROP, - Yu-Gi-Oh! It has the same odds of dropping as Dragon Treasure does. If he does, just make a Twin Headed or play something 1800atk in Mars. Getting past seto is getting past the biggest and most notorious wall of the entire video game. At any given moment, you're roughly 20 minutes away from completing this game if you're lucky. FM Mod Reborn Legendary 2 15 DROP, - Yu-Gi-Oh! Seto 2nd AI Manipulation Explaination (allows you to control your opponent to not play magic cards) - ---- Accept it. You need either an easy mode or very good draws to win. The easiest high mage by far. Because of this some cards cannot be feasibly obtained in those versions. Keep in mind that cards like Kaminari Attack and Dice Armadillo can be useful here since they have pluto. : This mod is based on original Yu-gi-oh Forbidden Memories. Select the second one. FM Leaderboards - and a text file with card passwords) - Desired Rank: BCD POW If you play Umi first, or any, turn, a lot of times he will equip a Gate Guardian or MBD or something very powerful. You need to put the cursor down one to say yes. Cursebraker - 69666645 - Costs 10 Keep your THTD in Moon here as shields and walls will be thrown in often. Obtained by "Meteor B. Dragon" can be won via random drop from the following characters, when the player scores one of the listed ratings. You'll beat him and get a map. If you let him fuse you may be up against a Twin Headed or a Crimson Sunbird. (including 3 The Egyptian God cards, 3 Sacred beasts...) and a lot of cards with attack above 5.000. Thirdly, in order to win it you need to A or S-POW meadow mage. The order is right, right, left, right. Mage Soldier is kind of a joke. Isis Farming Tips [3a.] Actually, even things like Kaminari Attack will work. Spam square and X and you'll fight Mage Soldier. You'll talk to Jono and he will take you to the Hidden Dueling Grounds. Useful Drops: Dragon Zombie, Crawling Dragon #2, Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head, Electric Snake, Oscillo Hero #2, Mountain, Beast Fangs (BCD POW) Information He doesn't play cards all that powerful, as long as he doesn't Jirai Gumo you he should be easy. Calculating Duel Rank (original thread) - He rarely will play a card above 1000 atk. Since the PocketStation was only released in Japan and only capable of connecting with the Japanese version of the game, some methods of obtaining cards could not be conducted in other versions of the game. The fastest method of skipping text is holding square and, whilst holding square, mashing X. Other than Gate Guardian, he likes to play Black Luster Soldier (3000 atk) and Blue Eyes White Dragon (3000 atk). I will try to load up this guide with helpful tips for each one of these guide. 5. However, farming Meadow Mage is really inconsistent. Save. Envoyez un nombre de votre choix d'autres cartes depuis votre main et/ou Terrain au Cimetière ; choisissez autant de Monstres à Effet contrôlés par votre adversaire, et jusqu'à la fin de ce tour, leur ATK est annulée, et aussi, leurs effets sont annulés. Other than that, no other real strategy here. That's why I am writing this guide. ----------Beginnings [1.] After beating Labyrinth Mage, you have to navigate a labyrinth with a series of left or right choices. After defeating the preliminary rounds by dueling and defeating Rex Raptor, Weevil Underwood, Mai Valentine, and Bandit Keith, he takes a break. A lot of times lower than 1600 will even suffice. ------------------------- Qualcuno gioca ancora a questa piccola perla per ps1? Forbidden Memories PlayStation. After this many cutscenes play. After losing to Heishin, it will ask whether or not you want to shatter the puzzle. Desired Rank: A/S POW So basically, what guardian star you put your THTD in can matter. Keep in mind that cards like Kaminari Attack and Dice Armadillo can be useful here since they have pluto. Don't spam for too long or you'll accidentally duel him. Any questions feel free to contact there. ). First off, if you have not already guessed from watching either SSBMstuff, Elven, or even myself run this game, it is almost entirely decided by RNG. ---------------------------------- + Win-condition system (400 wins, 3.000 wins) to get rare card. If the deck has both of those, you can begin the run. - Yu-Gi-OH ! Beat him, and a save here is optional. After Seto urges Atem to defeat the High Mages, Sadin yells at him to leave and advises Atem to proceed with caution, since Seto is an enemy and any positive action on Seto's part could be equally dangerous. He DOES have Widespread as well, along with Fake Trap. You also need to either take damage or use a magic. You want to have a lot of dragons, a lot of thunders (buy them, codes in the Notes section), and some equips/widespread. If you do not win at least one equip, don't bother moving on. Keep doing this and you'll keep getting BCD. + Cards need requirement of the chest to drop. Try your hardest to make a 3800 in any way possible. The enemies past this point are not idiots. Just as DarkNite is about to do the same with Seto and Atem, Atem shows DarkNite the cards Yugi used to acquire the Millennium Items, proving that they had them (or did at one point). + Cards with effect: Increasing xxx points for each type of monster; Immune to traps; Auto-win; some cards can be equipped with all equipment in the game. Yeah! Typically if you're going for the world record you don't start unless you have the raigeki, an equip, and at least 1 dragon and 1 thunder. Mage Soldier Farming Tips [3b.] Heishin confronts Muran and tells him that he has discovered the Dark Power, and uses the Millennium Rod to blast Muran away. The game takes place in ancient Egypt. Then go right back into the hidden dueling grounds and select card shop. Atem passes through the door and is accosted by Neku and Sebek, whom he duels and defeats on a Darkness terrain. Other times, you can but he then plays a 4750 GG and kills you. For Yu-Gi-Oh! BSD - B. Skull Dragon You'll talk to someone, then you'll get some options. Watch Out For: Jirai Gumo (2200 atk) Each odd is out of the number 2048. However a lot of times a normal THTD will be enough to beat him. Watch Out For: Psychic Kappa Lappa Umi is a field card that changes the field to Ocean. Also, you will hear a lot of talk of "a-tecs". This means an MBD played in Sun beats a Gate Guardian (3750atk). Shadi tells Yugi that the person from the dream is his doppelganger and is named Yami.

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