He began his newspaper career at the Denton Record-Chronicle while working on a master's degree in journalism at the University of North Texas and later covered Texas A&M University for The Eagle in College Station. The Canyon Lake Water Supply Corp. is at war with zebra mussels. A submersible pump is coated with zebra mussels, an invasive species that has been in Canyon Lake since 2017. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge that your information will be used as described in our Privacy Notice. Once a population of zebra mussels has become established in a water body, there is very little to be done to remove them. Zebra mussels were first confirmed in Canyon Lake two years ago, but they’ve been in the U.S. for decades. Josh Baugh covers environmental issues in the San Antonio and Bexar County area. On ExpressNews.com: After Lake Dunlap's dam partially collapsed, researchers count fatmuckets and pimplebacks, “It will take several days to remove, inspect, clean, and restore pumps to service. Zebra mussels living in Canyon Lake infested a submersible pump, part of the Canyon Lake Water Supply Corp.’s water treatment facilities. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, they likely first arrived in the Great Lakes from European vessels that used contaminated water for ballast. The Canyon Lake Water Supply Corp. has asked some of its customers to cut back on water use until the affected water-treatment plant is back in full operation. “Water quality has not been impacted.”. An infestation of the invasive species on a submerged pump has forced the company to stop using part of its water treatment facilities. “Biofouling,” or the accumulation of adult zebra mussels on surfaces put in the water, is one of the more notable impacts zebra mussels can have on a local economy. “No one wants to get their foot cut in the water.” Zebra mussels are an invasive, finger-nail sized mollusk that are native to the fresh waters of Eurasia. Spokeswoman Patty Gonzales said the authority’s protocol includes a visual inspection by the water-quality team and the use of divers and remotely operated underwater vehicles to identify the presence of zebra mussels. Because they reproduce by spewing veligers into the water, zebra mussels are dependent on a current to spread their populations. They’ve since been removed, he said. On ExpressNews.com: Invasive zebra mussels found in Canyon Lake. The zebra mussel's sharp shell can cause a lot of harm, even when it's dead. The treatment plants filter and disinfect water to prevent organisms such as the zebra mussel from entering the public water supply, he said. The GBRA also uses a chemical — sodium permanganate — and a process called “pigging,” which applies water pressure to force a bristle-clad plug through pipes to clean “biofilm,” a layer of algae on the interior of pipes. Get the San Antonio area's best journalism, every weekday morning. The pump was removed from service this week for inspection and cleaning. While this is occurring, our treatment plant is partially off-line and therefore water production and water storage have been reduced,” Jackson wrote. Over the weekend, he said, water production declined rapidly. Prevention is the best way to keep a water body clean of zebra mussels. After 10 years covering City Hall for the San Antonio Express-News, Baugh moved into the environment beat in February 2019. Prevention, therefore, is the best way to keep a water body clean of zebra mussels. The company is working on short- and long-term solutions to manage the problem. Further investigation found that the mussels infested submerged pumps. Baugh has previously written about public housing, county government and transportation for the Express-News. They’re prolific reproducers and damage habitat and food chains for natives aquatic species. The company has asked its customers in Bulverde, Spring Branch and on the north side of Canyon Lake to limit their water consumption to essential indoor use only. | jbaugh@express-news.net | Twitter: @jbaugh. Jackson said a recent inspection revealed zebra mussels on screens in the system. Zebra mussel infestation spurs Canyon Lake water utility to ask customers to cut back. Zebra mussels are armed with rootlike threads of protein, called “byssal threads,” that allow them to firmly attach themselves to hard surfaces such as rocks, native mussels, docks or boats. After zebra mussels were discovered in Canyon Lake, the Canyon Lake Water Supply Corp. instituted a semiannual inspection schedule at its three water-treatment facilities on the lake. Though that process is primarily for the removal of biofilm, it also purges zebra mussels, Gonzales said. A native of the Alamo City, Baugh was hired as a suburban-cities reporter at his hometown newspaper in 2006. On Million Man March’s 25th anniversary local attendees still... SAHA CEO hired to lead Denver Housing Authority, Republican Gonzales comes out on top in TX-23. “Knowing that 60-70% of summer water consumption is for landscape irrigation, CLWSC will have ample water supply as long as customers work in partnership to reduce their usage during this time,” Manager Larry Jackson wrote in an email. Read him on our free site, mySA.com, and on our subscriber site, ExpressNews.com. Sophie Koch. He's covered various facets of government and politics ever since. If a boat owner also fails to drain the water from his or her motor, any veligers floating in the water will root themselves and clog the machinery as they reach adulthood. Family wants Schertz officers fired after police use Taser on... Bexar election officials working on final mail-in ballots, South San ISD voters elect two new board members. Invasive zebra mussels found in Canyon Lake, After Lake Dunlap's dam partially collapsed, researchers count fatmuckets and pimplebacks, https://www.facebook.com/expressnews.jbaugh, Property owners on Guadalupe lakes feel they were left high and dry, Lake Dunlap residents reach a deal to fix dam and bring back reservoir, Carl Wulfe, 87, was family man who never wasted a moment, Family wants Schertz officers fired after police use Taser on teenage son fleeing traffic stop, More than 32,000 San Antonio area residents could have their water shut off if coronavirus moratorium weren’t in effect, After a week’s reprieve, Metro Health reports five coronavirus deaths; more new cases added to the ever-increasing total, Texas Democrats face ‘fundamental reckoning’ after another statewide sweep, How Texas Republicans beat Democrats at their own game, Podcast: The surprising predictability of our election cliffhanger, SAC, Palo Alto now run SAISD early college schools, Dearth of women on Bexar County Commission is about to end, After six days of no new deaths, Metro Health reports five. The Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, which also sells drinking water from Canyon Lake, has not had any issues with zebra mussels hurting its supply. Zebra mussel infestation spurs Canyon Lake water utility to ask customers to cut back Josh Baugh July 25, 2019 Updated: July 25, 2019 11:53 … Typically, this isn’t a problem for boats that are only in the water for short trips, but boats, docks or intake pipes that are left in the water for a long period of time can become encrusted and be very difficult to clean. The pump is being cleaned this week.

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