While watching the memory play out, Zeke notices Eren's face distorted with rage at listening to King Fritz's ideology, and is later astonished when Grisha explains the Attack Titan's ability to peer into its future inheritors' memories. She, and Zeke as well, are the only direct descendants of the original Ymir, who discovered the power of the Titans hundreds of years ago. He goes as far as to threaten Reiner with a rematch if they still doubt his decision. 832 1 - 20 of 43 Works in Eren Yeager/Zeke. [120] He is caught off guard by the sight of several Marleyan soldiers emerging near the Cart Titan to attack. "Save" his half-brother Eren from Grisha's ideology (gave up as Grisha never imprinted his beliefs on Eren).Help the Marleyan government to destroy the other enemy nations (false goal).Liberate the Eldian people and complete Grisha's goal (false goal).Reunite with his half-brother Eren (succeeded).Escape the Survey Corps (succeeded).Kill Levi Ackerman (failed).Use the Founding Titan to sterilize all Subjects of Ymir, thus eliminating the threat of the Titans and "freeing" the Subjects of Ymir from having to live in a cruel world that despises and abuses them (true objective, failed).Convince his half-brother that their father was a monster and prove he brainwashed Eren (failed).Stop Eren Yeager on their father's wish (failed). [57], After the soldiers kill most of the larger Titans, Zeke begins throwing large stones at the tower, killing Lynne, Henning, and the soldiers' remaining horses. When Falco Grice asks Reiner to accompany him, Zeke allows it since there is still time before the play begins. As a teenager, he expressed his belief that it would have been better for the Subjects of Ymir to never have been born. [96] Just as the show is starting, a Marley soldier informs the remaining Warriors that Magath has summoned them. Morally speaking, neither Eren nor Zeke are right. Registered in England and Wales 5090917, Christian Today, International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2BN, Hundreds of evangelical leaders vow to be peacemakers as US election goes to the wire, Hillsong NYC Pastor Carl Lentz fired over 'moral failures', 'I was unfaithful in my marriage,' says Carl Lentz after Hillsong NYC firing, Pope's comments on gay civil unions were taken out of context - Vatican official, John Piper poses the 'eternally significant' question for Trump and Biden, Church leaders praying for Austria after terror attack, Christian leaders taking legal action against Government over church closures, Kanye West launches Christian academy for kids, Popular Christian blogger mourns sudden death of 'sweet, kind, godly son', Christian magistrate challenges sacking after saying children do best with a mother and father, 'No scientific justification' for church closures, say Archbishop of Canterbury and faith leaders, Government challenges trend towards 'gender neutral' toilets. Zeke starts the attack against the Survey Corps. [113], Zeke finds himself being reborn and healed. His shock quickly turns to angst, however, when Eren begins talking to their father, encouraging him to fight. Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. [132], The two brothers continue their journey through Grisha's memories, with Zeke admitting that Eren was evidently not brainwashed by Grisha. Sometime after Zeke's disagreement with Reiner and Bertolt, he reminds them not to worry about Annie, pointing out that the Survey Corps would not be able to torture her without triggering her Titan abilities and theorizing that she is likely only in hiding. Zeke Yeager, otherwise known as the Beast Titan, is the main antagonist of the Attack on Titan series. While Reiner destroys the artillery on the walls of the Fort, Zeke picks up a fistful of artillery ammunition and hurls it into the Mid-Eastern armada stationed on the coast of Fort Slava. Rank This Article Contains Spoilers - He acts highly militaristic towards the Warriors underneath him: he has no problem inflicting punishment or abandoning them if they should fail. Zeke’s was the opposite—euthanize one country, and save the other 99.

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