While each of the four forms has their masters, it's true that in a head to head battle only one can come out on top. As for fire, that one kind of goes without saying. This talent was only further refined undoubtedly by the best firebending instructors money could buy, considering Azula's status as a member of the Fire Nation's royal family. This advantage shows that Katara can, even in the most emotional situations, remember right from wrong, which helps cement Katara as the stronger bender. Later, in "The Day of Black Sun", Azula is shown to be so adept at lying that she can fool Toph's senses. Another edge that Katara has over Azula is the mastery she has over her emotions. Fans have seen Katara use water to extend her limbs, to bind enemies, and shield allies. For that, it has to be said that Azula has the offensive advantage. A writer based in Chicago, Illinois, Kaycee Jackson is an avid fan of all things anime. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Between her powerful blue flames and command of lightning, Azula can certainly wreak havoc if she wanted to. When Katara had the opportunity to take revenge on Yon Rha and avenge her mother's death, she did not. Against earth, Hama demonstrated the ability to cut clean through stone. While some may argue that the most powerful waterbenders can produce water out of the air like Hama was able to do, it's certainly clear that Azula's bending is far less restricted. Even in the most impressive bending battle of the series, Zuko and Katara's fight against Azula, Katara's ability to maintain her composure even after Zuko is beaten is what ultimately allows her to outwit, outsmart, and outmaneuver the unhinged Azula. The skillful manipulation of elements to one's own will allows characters to come up with unique ways to work, perform, and, most importantly, fight. She has demonstrated that she doesn't fight solely to win. This advantage allows her to maintain the element of surprise; if Katara is clever enough to think to bend her own sweat, it's certainly not beyond her to outwit even the most aggressive enemies. While waterbending may not seem inherently defensive, Katara has shown in countless fights how good she can be at playing defense. Debates within the fandom of the series rage about who the would win in fights, who could resolve this situation, and, of course, who's the stronger bender. While this may be true, it also puts Azula at risk; if there's any water on her, lightning bending may prove to be just as hazardous for herself. That doesn't happen on accident; rather, it's a clear and obvious testament to Azula's superior offense. While fans have seen the two fight before, there's still a chance to take a closer look at who between the two is truly the stronger bender. This gives her a unique edge. The result? Avatar: The Last Airbender - Azula Vs. Toph - Who Is The Stronger Bender? Time and time again, Azula has shown that she wants to be at the top. Avatar: The Last Airbender - Toph Vs. Katara - Who Is The Stronger Bender? Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Such a strong desire for winning is hard to beat, and fans of the series are undoubtedly familiar with the trope of stubbornness and willpower being all a character needs to overcome and succeed. Having those kinds of training credits speak to Katara's skill just as much as her combat prowess does. Even if she did manage to stay completely dry, Katara does have the skill of bloodbending up her sleeve which she could utilize in a pinch if she needed to (assuming, of course, that the moon is full). Even if Azula attempted to overwhelm Katara with her offense, Katara's defense would still give her a run for her money. One beloved aspect of Avatar: The Last Airbender is the number of incredible characters, both protagonists and antagonists. Throughout her journey with Aang, Katara grows and matures. In "Zuko Alone", when a young Azula tells Zuko that their father is planning to kill him, Zuko calms himself down by repeating, "Azula always lies. When these two powerhouses collide, who wins? RELATED: Avatar: The Last Airbender - Toph Vs. Katara - Who Is The Stronger Bender? Azula's bending is a skill that she can call upon regardless of its presence as firebenders do not require pre-existing fire to bend. Seeing fire do that to earth is definitely intimidating. Avatar: The Last Airbender – Who Is The Stronger Non-Bender, Mai Or Ty Lee? Since childhood, Azula has been a prodigy. From starting off as a child wanting to be like Goku to growing up and welcoming the critical analysis of why anime dads are actually the worst, Kaycee has seen it all. It can only be imagined, then, what Azula would have accomplished had things continued to go her way. Against another waterbender, the fight could go on for hours. When not writing for CBR his interests include fitness, streetwear, and learning how many different ways people can misspell his name. Waterbending is based on the Tai Chi style of martial arts, a style that emphasizes using an opponent's power against them, which gives Katara a combat edge.

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