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"You people are treating this beggar like a king"

The Sudama Sisters took great care of Bhagwan and served Him hot chapatis straight from the stove. He said, "This is the first time this beggar is having three meals a day, you people re treating this beggar like a king!" Bhagwan burst into laughter, Ma Devaki burst into tears...

Sudama - November 1993

Bhagwan’s spiritual ministry continued in Sannidhi street house for the next seventeen years. Because of lack of proper food and ceaseless hard work, Bhagwan’s health declined gradually. In November 1993, He fell sick with
acute fever and weakness. There was no one to attend to him, Ma Devaki prayed so much to Swami to come and stay in the Sudama house. Bhagwan finally agreed to come only for three days. But His health became worse
and Dr. Radhakrishnan, the neurosurgeon from Kerala came and stayed for a week at Sudama. He treated Swami’s viral fever but seeing the weak condition of Bhagwan’s body, he prayed to Swami to stay on in Sudama for
the sake of sunlight and air and His body’s health. The four Sudama Sisters, knowing it was their great fortune, joined the prayer fervently and Bhagwan accepted it finally. The spiritual ministry He did invited so much crowd
that soon, the place of His darshan had to be shifted to the Ashram.

Bhagwan on the Swing at Sudama

Darshan Time :
The Sudama house is open for Darshan Daily from 9 am - 12 noon and 4pm - 6 pm

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